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  • Download images The-raven-grimms-fairy-tale
  • Download images The-raven-grimms-fairy-tale
  • Download images The-raven-grimms-fairy-tale
  • Download images The-raven-grimms-fairy-tale
  • Download images The-raven-grimms-fairy-tale
There was once a queen who had a
daughter, still too young to run
alone. One day the child was very troublesome, and the mother could not
quiet it, do what she would. She grew impatient, and seeing the ravens flying
ound the castle, she opened the window, and said: ‘I wish you were a raven
and would fly away, then I should have a little peace.’ Scarcely were the
words out of her mouth, when the child in her arms was turned into a raven,
and flew away from her through the open window. The bird took its flight to
a dark wood and remained there for a long time, and meanwhile the parents
could hear nothing of their child.
Long after this, a man was making his way through the wood when he heard
a raven calling, and he followed the sound of the voice. As he drew near, the
aven said, ‘I am by birth a king’s daughter, but am now under the spell of
some enchantment; you can, however, set me free.’ ‘What am I to do?’ he
asked. She replied, ‘Go farther into the wood until you come to a
wherein lives an old woman; she will offer you food and drink, but you must
not take of either; if you do, you will fall into a deep sleep, and will not be
able to help me. In the garden behind the house is a large tan-heap, and on
that you must stand and watch for me. I shall drive there in my ca
iage at
two o’clock in the afternoon for three successive days; the first day it will be
drawn by four white, the second by four chestnut, and the last by four black
horses; but if you fail to keep awake and I find you sleeping, I shall not be
set free.’
man promised to do all that she wished, but the raven said, ‘Alas! I
know even now that you will take something from the woman and be unable
to save me.’ The man assured her again that he would on no account touch a
thing to eat or drink.
When he came to the house and went inside, the old woman met him, and
said, ‘Poor man! how tired you are! Come in and rest and let me give you
something to eat and drink.’
’No,’ answered the man, ‘I will neither eat not drink.’
But she would not leave him alone, and urged him saying, ‘If you will not
eat anything, at least you might take a draught of wine; one drink counts fo
nothing,’ and at last he allowed himself to be persuaded, and drank.
As it drew towards the appointed hour, he went outside into the garden and
mounted the tan-heap to await the raven. Suddenly a feeling of fatigue came
determined, however, to keep awake; but in another minute his eyes closed
of their own accord, and he fell into such a deep sleep, that all the noises in
the world would not have awakened him. At two o’clock the raven came
driving along, drawn by her four white horses; but even before she reached
the spot, she said to herself, sighing, ‘I know he has fallen asleep.’ When she
entered the garden, there she found him as she had feared, lying on the tan-
heap, fast asleep. She got out of her ca
iage and went to him; she called him
and shook him, but it was all in vain, he still continued sleeping.
The next day at noon, the old woman came to him again with food and drink
which he at first refused. At last, overcome by her persistent entreaties that
he would take something, he lifted the glass and drank again.
watch for the raven. He had not been there long before he began to feel so
tired that his
seemed hardly able to support him,
and he
stand upright any longer; so again he lay down and fell fast asleep. As the
aven drove along her four chestnut horses, she said so
owfully to herself, ‘I
know he has fallen asleep.’ She went as before to look for him, but he slept,
and it was impossible to awaken him.
The following day the old woman said to him, ‘What is this? You are not
eating or drinking anything, do you want to kill yourself?’
He answered, ‘I may not and will not either eat or drink.’
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