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  • Download images Teaching-grammar-in-second-language-classrooms
  • Download images Teaching-grammar-in-second-language-classrooms
  • Download images Teaching-grammar-in-second-language-classrooms
  • Download images Teaching-grammar-in-second-language-classrooms

Teaching Grammar in Second
Language Classrooms
“This comprehensive and up-to-date book addresses the contentious
topic of L2 grammar instruction. Unique in combining theory, research
findings, and practical activities, it is written in a very accessible and
eader-friendly style.”
Neomy Storch, The University of Melbourne, Australia
“ … an important effort to make SLA theory and research accessible fo
language teachers. Not only do Nassaji and Fotos provide clear and con-
cise descriptions of cu
ent thought regarding the role of grammar and
communication in the L2 classroom, they also present classroom activ-
ities that are supported by the latest research in SLA. Given the con-
teachers with practical, research-based information, enabling them to
make informed decisions regarding their own classroom practices.”
Shawn Loewen, Michigan State University, USA
Recent SLA research recognizes the necessity of attention to grammar and
demonstrates that form-focused instruction is especially effective when it is
incorporated into a meaningful communicative context. Designed specifically
for second-language teachers, this text identifies and explores the various
options for integrating a focus on grammar and a focus on communication in
classroom contexts and offers concrete examples of teaching activities for each
option. Each chapter includes a description of the option, its theoretical and
empirical background, examples of activities illustrating in a non-technical
manner how it can be implemented in the classroom, questions for reflection,
and a list of useful resources that teachers can consult for further information.
Hossein Nassaji is Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Department of
Linguistics at the University of Victoria, Canada.
Sandra Fotos, retired Professor of English and Applied Linguistics, Senshu
University, Tokyo, Japan, is cu
ently an adjunct at the University of Victoria,
ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series
Eli Hinkel, Series Edito
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Perspective on Professional Development
Hinkel, Ed. · Handbook of Research in Second Language Teaching and Learning, Volume II
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Instruction in Communicative Context
ay/Christison · What English Language Teachers Need to Know Volume I: Understanding
ay/Christison · WhatEnglish LanguageTeachersNeed toKnowVolumeII: FacilitatingLearning
Nunan/Choi, Eds. · Language and Culture: Reflective Na
atives and the Emergence of Identity
Braine · Nonnative Speaker English Teachers: Research, Pedagogy, and Professional Growth
Burns · Doing Action Research in English Language Teaching: A Guide for Practitioners
Nation/Macalister · Language Cu
iculum Design
Birch · The English Language Teacher and Global Civil Society
Johnson · Second Language Teacher Education: A Sociocultural Perspective
Nation · Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing
Nation/Newton · Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking
Kachru/Smith · Cultures, Contexts, and World Englishes
McKay/Bokhosrt-Heng · International English in its Sociolinguistic Contexts: Towards a Socially
Sensitive EIL Pedagogy
ay, Eds. · Leadership in English Language Education: Theoretical Foundations
and Practical Skills for Changing Times
McCafferty/Stam, Eds. · Gesture: Second Language Acquisition and Classroom Research
Liu · Idioms: Description, Comprehension, Acquisition, and Pedagogy
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eign Language
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culum Needs, Materials, and Assessments
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Levy/Stockwell · CALL Dimensions: Issues and Options in Computer Assisted Language Learning
Nero, Ed. · Dialects, Englishes, Creoles, and Education
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Hinkel/Fotos, Eds. · New Perspectives on Grammar Teaching in Second Language Classrooms
Hinkel · Second Language Writers’ Text: Linguistic and Rhetorical Features
Visit www.routledge.com/education for additional information on titles in the ESL & Applied
Linguistics Professional Series.
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