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Choose the appropriate form of the word to fit the meaning of the
1. co
ect, co
ectly, co
ection, co
ective, co
a. If an e
or occurs, it is important to take ____________ action
. The spell check facility checks the _________ of your spelling.
c. The data was entered__________, so the result must be accurate.
2. detect, detection, detectable, detective.
a. There were________ traces of radiation in the water sample.
. The analyst could not_______ any e
ors in the system.
c. She tried to escape_______ by disguising herself.
3. sense, sensor, sensation, sensitive
a. An infra-red _______ detects the presence of
intruders in the building.
. The probe is _______ to heat and light.
c. The new system caused a _______. When it was launched last month.
Read the program and the text below,
then complete the sentences.
float a, b ,c , d, average;
printf(“Enter three number:”);
d= a + b +c ;
printf(“The average is %f”, average);
Comment Lines
A C source program consists of statements and comment lines. Comment lines
are enclosed by the characters /* ( at the start of the comment) and */ (at the end
of the comment).
(5)The Function main()
Every C program must have a function called main
which must appear only
once in a program. The parentheses following the word main must be present,
ut there must be no parameters included. The main part of the program is
enclosed within
aces {}, and consists of declaration statements, assignment
(10)statements within
aces; a declaration statement ( the first statement of the
main program starting with the word
float ), two assignment statements ( the
fourth and fifth statements starting with the variable names d and average ), and
three function statements, two to print information on the screen and one to scan
the keyboard for input.
As C is a free form language, the semicolon (;) at the end of each line is a
must. It acts as a statement terminator. Telling the complier where an
instruction ends. Free form means that statements can be identified and blank
lines inserted in the source file to improve readability, and statement can span
several lines. However, each statement must be terminated with a semicolon. If
(20)you forger to include the semicolon, the complier will produce an e
indicating the next line as the source of the e
or. This can cause some
confusion, as the statement objected can be co
ect, yet as a syntax e
or is
Variables and the Declaration Statement
(25)A variable is quantity that is refe
ed to by name, such as a, b, c and
average in the above program. It can take on many values during program
execution, but you must make sure that they are given an initial value, as C does
not do so automatically. However, before variables can be used in a program,
they must be declared in a type declaration statement.
A. Complete the sentences:
1. The function ________ must appear only once in a program.
is a _______ line.
3. The statement float a, b, c, average;
is a _____ statement.
4. The program below contains _______ function statement.
5. The assignment statements are on lines ______ and ________
6. The main part of the program is enclosed within_______
7. Each line of any C program must end with a ________, which acts as a
statement terminator.
8. If you forget to include the co
ect punctuation, the complier will produce a
______ e
9. A quantity refe
ed to by name is known as a _______
10. A _____
_______ statement must be used to declare variables.
B. Find the words in the text which mean:
ackets (lines 5-10)
2. not fixed (lines 10-15)
3. systematically check (lines 10-15)
4. recognized (lines 15-20)
5. completed(lines 20-25)
6 starting(lines 25-29)
C. Find the reference for the words in italics.
1. It acts as a statement terminator.
2. This
can cause some confusion.
3. It can take on many values
Give a name of some devices below:
Ex : A device that scans bar codes is called a bar code scanner.
a unit that gives a visual display of information on a screen?
a device that reads magnetic cards?
a device that plots graphs?
a device that prints using a laser as the light source?
a unit that holds magnetic disks?
a device that prints using a jet of ink?
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