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101. Ms. Bradshaw informed Mr. Tanner that
105. Market analysts are surprised that Xcell
she would be working for ------- office as
Electric's quarterly ------- have been
an intern over the summer.
steadily increasing by about 4 percent.
(A) he
(A) profit
(B) his
(B) profitable
(C) him
(C) profits
(D) himself
(D) profited
102. The marketing director showed the annual
106. Mattson Tax Agency has been handling
profits distributed ------- between the
our company's annual taxes ------- ove
corporate executives and the
30 years.
shareholders to the CEO.
(A) among
(A) equal
(B) since
(B) equally
(C) with
(C) equality
(D) fo
(D) equalize
107. Patrick accepted an associate position at
103. Queens Hotel ------- substantial discounts
ison & Associates as it offers flexible
to corporations that often lodge thei
working hours and ------- health benefits.
employees there.
(A) excels
(A) offers
(B) excellent
(B) buys
(C) excellently
(C) tells
(D) excelled
(D) travels
108. Inspectors visit the area's majo
104. Our store is closed this week ------- the security
corporations once a year to ensure that
system is enhanced.
employment procedures are followed
(A) during
(B) afte
(A) absolutely
(C) along
(B) decidedly
(D) while
(C) normally
(D) properly
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109. A press conference about the sudden
113. As a sales representative, ------- have to
esignation of the financial minister will be
develop your interpersonal communication
------- today at 4 P.M.
(A) hold
(A) you
(B) held
(B) you
(C) holding
(C) yours
(D) is holding
(D) yourself
114. Your eligibility for the fellowship depends
110. As the number of participants is confirmed
------- the schedule is set, the marketing division
on the kind of research you do and the
awards you -------.
will design a poster for the conference.
(A) possess
(A) but
(B) and
(C) yet
(B) possessing
(C) had possessed
(D) will possess
(D) if
115. The film "Love Lost" is a stunning ------- of
111. Visitors to the laboratory facilities must show
the best-selling novel by Richard Keen.
------- a valid driver's license or a personal ID
card to security before entering.
(A) adapt
(B) adapte
(A) both
(C) adapted
(B) neithe
(D) adaptation
(C) whethe
(D) eithe
116. Every employee is required to attend -------
one of the training workshops each month.
112. Going into the city by the expressway takes
------- longer than the local roads because of
(A) so that
heavy traffic.
(B) at least
(C) only if
(A) even
(D) as much
(B) so
(C) too
(D) more
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117. Mackley's online Business Ethics journal
121. When experiencing technical difficulties, it
------- publishes articles by well-known
is ------- to consult with a trained expert.
(A) capable
(A) frequent
(B) interested
(B) frequency
(C) helpful
(C) frequently
(D) usable
(D) frequented
122. The Greydog Bus group has decided to
118. Pure Bliss Inc. is trying innovative marketing
erect advertising billboards along the
------- on its new line of cosmetics.
highways as a way of ------- travelers.
(A) approached
(A) attracts
(B) approaches
(B) attraction
(C) approach
(C) attractive
(D) approaching
(D) attracting
119. Construction of the skyway has ------- been
approved by city officials and will begin next
123. The ------- for taking a holiday includes
filling out a vacation request form.
(A) highly
(B) exactly
(C) soon
(D) recently
(A) establishment
(B) measurement
(C) transaction
(D) procedure
120. Modern Art Studio canceled its outdoor -------
124. When hiring new employees, we only offe
of contemporary photography due to bad
positions to applicants ------- qualifications
match the company's high standards.
(A) exhibiting
(A) that
(B) exhibition
(B) than
(C) exhibito
(C) whose
(D) exhibited
(D) which
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