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Sales Rep Evaluation Checklist
To distribute a product, you first have to make sales. Many small entrepreneurial companies are unable to field a large sales force, so they enhance their efforts by using independent sales representatives who will sell their products, along with those of other businesses, for a contracted commission. If you consider contracting with an independent sales rep, this checklist will help you evaluate each rep you are considering.
-          Does the rep ca
y conflicting or competing lines? 
-          What the rep’s commission structure? 
-          Where is the showroom, if any? How about the warehouse? 
-          What is the geographical area covered? 
-          Who is the rep’s key account? 
-          What is the number of salespeople? 
-          How many years has the rep been in business? 
-          What type of promotional support is offered? 
-          How willing is the rep to submit sales-call reports? 
-          How frequent are the rep’s trade-show appearances? 
-          What is the rep’s specialty? 
-          Has the rep listed all markets covered? 
-          Can the rep personally interview field sales reps? 
-          Does the rep really know the customer? 
-          Can the rep provide a termination agreement? 
-          When are commissions paid? 
-          When are overdue accounts collected? 
-          What deductions does the rep make for credit losses? 
-          What rights does the rep have as far as credit rejection is concerned? 
-          What catalogs or other materials are required? 
-          Can you appear at sales meetings, to see how things go? 
-          Will reps buy samples at deep discounts? 
-          Does the rep warehouse any inventory? 
-          Can the rep supply a cu
ent list of references?

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