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  • Download images Answer_Keys Target TOEIC Second Edition
  • Download images Answer_Keys Target TOEIC Second Edition
  • Download images Answer_Keys Target TOEIC Second Edition
  • Download images Answer_Keys Target TOEIC Second Edition
  • Download images Answer_Keys Target TOEIC Second Edition

Target TOEIC Second Edition
1. (C) The firefighters are holding a hose.
41. (C) Reserving an extra hotel room
2. (C) It’s rush hour.
42. (B) A name and reservation numbe
3. (D) The man is sitting at a desk.
43. (C) The man’s family name
4. (B) The man is lifting a box.
44. (A) Their company’s new invoicing system
5. (A) The files are a
anged neatly on the shelves.
45. (B) Their old billing system was outdated.
6. (B) The people are at an airport.
46. (B) It has helped her with her work.
7. (D) The package is being delivered to the
47. (C) It contained an unexpected item.
48. (C) A telecommunications expert
8. (B) The women are working on a project
49. (A) The meeting was not essential.
50. (A) She didn’t know she had to pay taxes.
9. (C) There are several glasses on the counter.
51. (D) How much she will have to pay
10. (A) The patient is being treated by the dentist.
52. (C) Read an information leaflet
53. (D) Buying a piece of land and building on it
54. (A) Increase the size of their building
55. (C) In three months
11. (B) I have to finish a marketing report.
12. (A) The supplier. Our shipment has a
13. (B) On Julie’s desk.
14. (C) For a class I’m taking at the community
15. (A) We can pick it up any time after 3:00.
16. (C) A year.
17. (C) Sure. What’s the number?
18. (A) I’d rather get it all done today.
19. (B) Sure you will. Let me help you.
20. (A) I’m almost done.
21. (B) Yes, it’s very interesting, but a little difficult.
22. (C) It certainly was.
23. (A) I don’t remember exactly, but it was a
good deal.
24. (B) I thought we’d agreed on two o’clock.
25. (B) From five o’clock until seven-thirty.
56. (A) A staff meeting
57. (B) She had to meet a client.
58. (B) She is glad that she was not there.
59. (D) John’s office numbe
60. (A) He doesn’t like being distu
ed at home.
61. (B) In the office directory
62. (D) Next Wednesday afternoon
63. (D) The meeting will be very long.
64. (B) A presentation by the planning division
65. (B) A scandal in the construction industry
66. (A) Many of their buildings have structural
67. (B) The company will have to pull down several
68. (A) They have an outstanding bill to pay.
69. (C) The man’s
70. (D) Straight away
26. (A) I don’t mind going to meet her.
27. (A) Oh, I threw it away already.
28. (A) Yes, with my business partner.
29. (C) Early next week.
71. (B) AAM’s success in foreign sales
30. (A) I couldn’t find the room.
72. (B) England, Norway, France, and Germany
31. (B) Actually, he asked if he could have it.
73. (C) Mark Simpson
32. (B) Oh no. Not again.
74. (D) To decrease use of paper and electricity
33. (A) Well, how urgent is it?
75. (D) Flush the toilet regularly.
34. (B) Didn’t you know? She’s on vacation.
76. (B) People must conserve natural resources.
35. (C) There’s some space in the basement.
77. (C) To subscribe to this publication
36. (A) How does next Tuesday sound?
78. (D) By credit card
37. (C) I’m going to be in charge of that.
79. (A) Those interested in the arts
38. (C) I put them in an envelope on your desk.
80. (A) On a train
39. (A) I work flexi-time, so it varies.
81. (D) The train is late.
40. (B) Oh, we thought you had ordered them.
82. (C) The food service will close.
A n s w e
K e y s
Answer Keys
83. (C) To speed up your call
84. (A) 1
85. (D) Ticket delivery
86. (B) A businessman who provides charitable
87. (D) For a decade
88. (A) By allowing for the provision of clean wate
89. (D) Health care products
141. (B) sure
143. (A) convincing
145. (A) expired
147. (C) advise
149. (C) announce
151. (D) free
142. (C) away
144. (C) free
146. (B) cut up
148. (C) forward
150. (D) pick up
152. (A) apply
90. (A) Gold Card Members get 20% off on
91. (B) All GFY customers
92. (A) To keep him informed of the situation
153. (D) West 55 Checking & West Advantage
93. (D) Improving quality control
94. (A) A pay raise or an increase in personnel
154. (D) West Free Checking
95. (C) Health and safety inspectors
155. (C) West 55 Checking
96. (C) Defective safety mechanisms
156. (A) A technical periodical of the electronics
97. (A) They will be off work with full pay fo
about a week.
157. (B) 12 months
98. (B) Winter vacation packages
158. (B) An ad announcing a special offe
99. (C) Dinne
159. (C) A business person
100. (A) By visiting a
anch directly or calling a
160. (B) $250
special hotline
161. (D) A computer program
162. (C) Stay home when you are sick
163. (A) Winte
164. (A) That workers are reluctant to take sick
101. (B) incentives
103. (C) will allow
105. (C) coordinate
107. (D) would a
109. (B) many
111. (D) themselves
113. (D) within
115. (D) by
117. (D) scarce
119. (A) found that
121. (D) requested
123. (C) latest
125. (B) accepted
127. (B) minimum
129. (C) to place
131. (D) nobody
133. (C) by
135. (B) most
137. (C) themselves
139. (B) opposite
102. (A) ago
104. (B) ought
106. (B) impressed
108. (D) Despite
110. (A) ove
112. (B) notified
114. (C) yet
116. (A) are going
118. (C) Even
120. (A) whethe
122. (B) as
124. (C) and
126. (A) percentage
128. (D) depends
130. (B) effect
132. (C) While
134. (A) has
136. (D) When
138. (D) holding
140. (C) ceremony
165. (C) It’s a young, fast-growing company.
166. (B) An increase in transactions between bank
167. (D) It is less expensive to use single-engine
airplanes than trucks.
168. (C) Two weeks after the news release
169. (C) A sales lette
170. (A) It will increase profits.
171. (B) Read the agreement and complete a
172. (B) Just a few months
173. (B) Real Estate agents
174. (A) Convenience and expense
175. (C) Until construction is completed
176. (D) On the office notice boards
177. (B) To give park regulations to visitors
178. (D) To reduce the possibility of forest fires
179. (A) They will have to pay a fine.
180. (C) If they join the park’s animal-feeding
181. (C) To make a complaint
182. (C) About three weeks
183. (A) She will stop using Office Depot.
184. (A) The items were dispatched twice.
Target TOEIC Second Edition
185. (A) He is so
y, but understands her reasons.
194. (C) Winning a prize for his MBA thesis
186. (A) To solicit ideas from sales staff
195. (B) He lacks the necessary experience.
187. (B) He will not be at the meeting.
196. (B) To find volunteers
188. (C) Fiction Pape
197. (C) Deprived children from the local community
189. (B) It includes books given away.
198. (B) People with medical training.
190. (C) Discount coupons
199. (C) She used to work with underprivileged
191. (A) A job ad
192. (A) Good pay, managers, and opportunities
200. (B) A balloon toy
193. (C) An MBA graduate with no sales experience
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