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  • Download images 570 IELTS academic words-part 7
  • Download images 570 IELTS academic words-part 7
  • Download images 570 IELTS academic words-part 7
  • Download images 570 IELTS academic words-part 7
  • Download images 570 IELTS academic words-part 7
Adaptation: Sự thích nghi, sự ñiều chỉnh
The adaptation of desert species to the hot conditions
• adapt




Adult: (~grown-up) Người lớn, ñã trưởng thành (n;adj)
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
The fish return to the river as adults in order to
• adulthood
Advocate: Có chủ trương, tán thành (mang tính publicly)
The group does not advocate the use of violence.
Many experts advocate rewarding your child for good behaviour.
• advocacy
Aid: Sự giúp ñỡ, sự cứu trợ
An extra £10 million in foreign aid has been promised.
This job would be impossible without the aid of a computer.
Channel: Chuyển smth tới smwh
Ditches were constructed to channel water away from the buildings.
If she could only channel all that energy into something useful.
A lot of money has been channelled into research in that particular field.
Chemical: (thuộc) hóa học
A chemical element
The chemical industry
• chemically
Classical: Kinh ñiển, cổ ñiển
The classical economics of Smith and Ricardo
Classical and modern ballet
• classic

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Comprehensive: (~complete, full) Bao hàm ñầy ñủ
A comprehensive list of addresses
Comprehensive insurance (= covering all risks)


Comprise: (~make something up ) Chiếm, ñóng góp
Women comprise 15% of the police force.
Older people comprise a large proportion of those living in poverty.
Confirm: Xác nhận, chứng thực
Rumours of job losses were later confirmed
Please write to confirm your reservation (= say that it is definite).
It has been confirmed that the meeting will take place next week.
• confirmation
Contrary: (~opposite): Trái ngược
Contrary to popular belief, many cats dislike milk.
The contrary view is that prison provides an excellent education—in crime.
The government has decided that the publication of the report would be ‘contrary to
the public interest’.


Convert: Biến ñổi (ñồ vật, niềm tin, quan ñiểm, í kiến…)
The hotel is going to be converted into a nursing home.
We've converted from oil to gas central heating.
I didn't use to like opera but my husband has converted me.
• conversion


Couple: ðôi, cặp
I saw a couple of men get out.

a couple
Decade: Thập kỉ
1910–1919 or 2000–2009
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Definite: Rõ ràng, chắc chắn
Can you give me a definite answer by tomo
I'm not sure—I can find out for definite if you like.

definitely / •


Deny: Phủ nhận
The spokesman refused either to confirm or deny the reports.
There's no denying (the fact) that quicker action could have saved them.
It can't be denied that we need to devote more resources to this problem.
He denies attempting to murder his wife.
• deniable

Differentiate: (~distinguish) (ngoại) phân biệt/ (nội) khác biệt
Differentiate A (from B) I can't differentiate one variety from another.
The male's yellow beak differentiates it from the female.
Differentiate (between) A and B It's difficult to differentiate between the two

Disposal: Sự vứt bỏ, sự tống ñi
A bomb disposal squad: ðội xử lí bom mìn
Sewage disposal systems: Hệ thống xả nước thải
The disposal of nuclear waste: việc xử lý chất thải hạt nhân
• disposable


Dynamic: ðộng lực học (n/adj) (>ĩnh học)
Fluid dynamics: Chất lỏng ñộng lực học
• dynamically
Eliminate: Loại ra, loại trừ, bài tiết, khử (hoàn toàn loại bỏ)
Credit cards eliminate the need to ca
y a lot of cash.
The police have eliminated two suspects from their investigation.
This diet claims to eliminate toxins from the body.
• elimination
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Củng cố vốn từ vựng là điều cần thiết cho bất kì một thí sinh IELTS nào. Làm thế nào để học được nhiều từ vựng một cách hiệu quả? Sau đây là một số bí quyết rất thực tế có kèm theo trích dẫn các nguồn tài liệu cụ thể dành cho bạn: . Đầu tư thời gian tự học Học từ mất khá nhiều thời gian và nó có thể sẽ phản tác dụng nếu bạn không có phương pháp phù hợp.

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